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Sugar Free Cinnamon Candies
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Gluten and sugar free, Kosher GoLightly candies are low in carbs and fat with reduced calories for the health conscious. With amazing taste and an incomparable variety of fruit chews, toffees, chocolate mints, fudgie rolls and other assortment of sweets to choose from, kids and adults will find sweet delights inside the colourful packaging that is easy to recognize. The candies may also be used for diabetic diets with the advice of a physician so everyone can enjoy them! Keep some with you to brighten up your day, or pass them on to friends to enjoy. Once you’ve tasted GoLightly Sugar Free Candy and discovered the taste is just as good (or even better!) than regular candies, you won’t go back!

We have low carb  cookies and biscottis (great for desserts!) ready for you too!


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