Good Good Sweetness - Keto Friendly Maple Flavoured Syrup

Keto Friendly Maple Flavoured Syrup
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Good Good Maple Flavoured Syrup can transform any bland, plain tasting, low carb pancakes to an oh-sooo-gooood satisfying sweet flavour that is sure to make your breakfast superb. 

What makes it sooo goooood, you ask?
This syrup is sweetened with a prebiotic fiber found in plants called isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO), which means apart from cutting down the carbs for every tablespoon, it won't raise your blood sugar! Mix this with natural maple flavour and a little bit of stevia extract, and you get that good good, perfect maple flavour syrup taste.  

 There are more reasons to love Good Good Maple syrup: 


  • It has no added sugar
  • It's a tasty vegan-friendly, dairy-free syrup
  • It is keto-friendly, gluten-Free and non-GMO 
Definitely so good!


Last Updated: 2021-06-18 14:31:09
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