Greeniche Natural - Stevia Liquid Drops

Stevia Liquid Drops
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Greeniche Liquid formula mixes well, 3-4 drops to sweeten a cup of hot or cold beverages. 



•   Independent taste tests confirm – Greeniche is the Best Tasting Stevia in the World
•   100% Natural
•   Zero Calories
•   Suitable for weight- and health- conscious individuals as well as those living with diabetes
•   Does not contain Maltodextrin, Inulin, Sucralose or Aspartame.

Why Greeniche Stevia?

Most Stevia brands available in the market contain 80% or less Reb A purity (the sweet, non-bitter part of the stevia leaf). Lower purity results in the bitter aftertaste that stevia is well-known for. The bitter aftertaste leaves most consumers desiring a better tasting product, now available from Greeniche.
Greeniche Stevia contains premium quality natural Stevia extract with 97% purity of Reb A – the highest available in the market. This uncompromising level of purity makes Greeniche Stevia the best tasting Stevia brand on the market today.

Not all stevia products are created equal. Greeniche Stevia does not contain maltodextrin, inulin, sucralose or aspartame, and is made with premium quality Stevia Extract and Erythritol.


Last Updated: 2021-07-19 16:01:16
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