Hold The Carbs Pancake Mixes - Protein

Protein Stevia Pancake and Waffle Mix
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Protein Stevia Pancake Mix
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Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes a quick breakfast is all you have time for. When you're looking for a quick, low carbohydrate breakfast it often makes it that much harder to plan for. These Hold The Carb Mixes are the best and easiest way to make delicious, moist, gluten-free healthy pancakes. A great subsitute for the flour and sugar heavy pancakes of the past.

Make a batch and pull some from the freezer to pop in the microwave and off you go! Want to take it a step further? After re-heating try adding some scrambled eggs, spinach and chicken breast to make an easy breakfast sandwhich wrap!

To make one portion (three pancakes) you will need:

⅓ cup Low Carb Pancake Mix
1 egg or 2 egg whites or vegan equivalent
 ⅓ cup milk subsitute of your choice 

  1. In bowl mix egg and milk subsitute 
  2. Add Hold The Carbs Low Carb or Protein Pancake Mix
  3. Spray frying pan with cooking oil then form 3 pancakes from your batter in frying pan
  4. Flip your pancakes after a few minutes
  5. Serve with no sugar added maple syrup, no sugar added jam, peanut butter or your other favourite toppings.
Last Updated: 2023-04-28 13:31:47
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