HoldTheCarbs - CLEARANCE Protein Pizza Crust Mix

CLEARANCE Protein Pizza Crust Mix
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This baking mix is gluten free. Prepare with other gluten fee ingredients to get a delicious gluten free pizza.


Makes four 12" pizza crust.


You will need

- 3 eggs or 5 egg whites

- ¼ cup water

- If you like your crust crispy, add 1 tbsp olive oil


Directions: Mix ingredients then add Low Carb Pizza Crust Mix. Mix well. Grease a 12" pizza pan (eg. spray with cooking oil) and spread out the dough. Bake at 350 ˚F for 20 mins or until light brown. Add your favourite toppings and bake for another 15 mins. 


Tips: For best results, use a pizza pan (with no holes) to make your crust, then transfer the crust onto a pizza stone before you put your toppings on. Grease your pizza pan generously. Don't overbake the crust, because it will stick to the pan if overbaked.

Last Updated: 2020-05-10 17:56:13
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