Joseph's Sugar-Free - Maltitol Sweetener

Maltitol Sweetener
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Use Joseph's Maltitol Syrup to sweeten almost anything. Many sweeteners have an aftertaste, but not maltitol.

Maltitol has the closest taste to real sugar and is the most stable form of maltitol (less processed than crystal form). This sugar free sweetener can withstand high temperatures and dissolves easily in water.

Interesting to know: There is a "coolness" property to sweetenerers and maltitol tastes most like sugar because its coolness temperature, when dissolved in the mouth, is closest to real sugar.

Does your sweetener stay crystalized in your cold drink or cereal? Looking for a sweetener to have baking properties similar to honey? (clumping agent)

Suggested uses:

Hot cereals, cold cereals, hot drinks, jams and spreads, desserts, cookies, cakes, muffins

Note: Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect or discomfort. However, most can enjoy 2-4 servings at one sitting without problems.

Last Updated: 2017-12-30 16:29:41
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