La Tortilla Factory - Cocina Mexicana Skillet Sauce Starter- Barbacoa

Cocina Mexicana  Skillet Sauce Starter- Barbacoa
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La Tortilla Cocina Mexicana offers the ultimate sauce to bring traditional flavours to your Mexican-inspired dishes. Simply add your favourite protein or vegetables, cook for 10 minutes and you've got yourself finger-licking-good filling for taco night. 

Why do we love La Tortilla Cocuna Mexicana Skillet Sauce Starter?

-Extremely easy to use

-Made with natural ingredients

-Packed with flavour

-Only 1g to 4g net carbs per serving depending on the flavour

-Works well with protein or vegetables


Available in these flavours:

Al Pastor: Smoky Chipotle, citrus, plus a hint of pineapple

Barbacoa:  Smoky Chipotle, Mexican herbs, plus a hint of lime

Classic Taco: Cumin, paprika, chiles

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Last Updated: 2020-09-24 16:27:50
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