Lifesource Foods - Non GMO Wheat Protein Isolate 5500

Non GMO Wheat Protein Isolate 5500
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Wheat Protein Isolate 5500 is a highly functional wheat protein isolate containing 90% protein that delivers extensibility, film-forming properties and moisture management control to bread and other bakery products. In low-carbohydrate, high-protein applications, Wheat Protein Isolate 5500 is essential to the development of bakery products that maintain texture and flavor profiles similar to traditional bakery items. The replacement of wheat flour with Wheat Protein Isolate 5500 lowers the carbohydrate level while increasing the protein content of the finished product. In addition, Wheat Protein Isolate 5000 aids in the development of desired bread loaf structure and volume.

Wheat Protein Isolate 5500 has the potential to revolutionize frozen and refrigerated dough systems. Because it possesses outstanding film-forming capabilities, this soluble wheat protein isolate controls water migration during the freeze-thaw process and increases freshness and extends shelf life in finished goods. Prepared in a water solution, Wheat Protein Isolate 5000 can produce a film coating that can be applied to products, such as pizza crusts, to serve as a moisture and fat barrier, as well as to enhance the crispness.

Some of the applications of wheat protein isolate and their assoicated benefits are:
  • Frozen and Refrigerated Dough - Extended shelf life, extended shelf life after baking, increased volume
  • Frozen Bread Dough - Better, softer mouthfeel, fresher tasting, extended shelf life after baking
  • Pan-Baked Bread - Improved color, crust and texture
  • Pan-Baked Pizza crush/Pocket Sandwiches - Moisture barrier coating
  • Dry mixes (breads/cakes) - Improved moistness of finished products, more flavor


Last Updated: 2023-10-06 14:13:13
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