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Oat Fibre 500
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Oat fiber is a great low carb alternative to flour for creating yummy baked goods at home. 

Oat fiber is made from grinding the shell surrounding the oat kernel. It is an insoluble fiber, which means it is excellent for digestion, weight management, controling blood sugar levels, and even lowering cholesterol!

LifeSource Foods gives you 100% oat fiber sourced only from clean, natural ingredients so that you can keep on baking without worrying about the carbs. 

Not sure how to use oat fiber? No need to worry! 
Just keep in mind that oat fiber absorbs more water than regular flour, so you simply need to substitute it for 1/4 of the total amount of flour in any recipe. 

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Last Updated: 2023-05-31 15:55:01
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