Mighty Mixes - SF Cinnamon Swirl Mix Case 12 (12x42g)

SF Cinnamon Swirl Mix Case 12 (12x42g)
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SF Cinnamon Swirl Mix Case 12 (12x42g) / 12x42g / Item #: 0537
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Chocolate Brownie:

Chocolate Brownies are a staple for most dessert lovers young and old so now with this cake-y brownie you can easily enjoy your favourite food without the added sugars! There are so many great things you can add or serve with this versatile chocolate brownie cake like whipped cream, sugar free chocolate chips, or one of founders favourites - fresh or frozen raspberries baked right in the batter!

Cinnamon Swirl Style:
If you've ever wondered what a cinnamon bun cake tastes like you're in luck. It may not be as sweet as the buns you get at the mall - but I guarantee you your body is going to enjoy it more!  

Want a truly decadent experience? Take some time to whip up some cream cheese, whipping cream and a sweetener of your choice in the blender for an out of this world frosting!
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