Moon Cheese

Natural Crunchy Cheese Snacks

Moon Cheese crunchy cheese snacks are made with 100% real cheese and just a few natural seasonings. By removing the moisture out of cheese, Moon Cheese contains all of the nutritional benefits naturally present in cheese, but can be stored at room temperature and taken with you anywhere! Plus, they are irresistibly crunchy and satisfying. 

Moon Cheese snacks are naturally low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and contain many essential vitamins and minerals including 73% of the daily recommended intake of bone-building calcium per serving. These snacks are ideal for low carb and keto dieters, as well as those looking for low sugar and gluten-free snacks. Moon Cheese is made in a certified gluten-free facility that only processes cheese snacks. Each serving contains zero grams of sugar and 0-2g of naturally occurring carbohydrates found in cheese. Available in single-serving 28g packets that are perfect for taking on the go or family-sized 57g resealable pouches.

Explore a variety of delicious flavours including classic Cheddar, savoury Garlic Parmesan, sweet and nutty Gouda, spicy Pepper Jack, or sharp and decadent White Cheddar Black Pepper! All of these flavours are great for movie night, snacking on the go, adding to charcuterie boards or even adding to salads in place of croutons. You can even grind Moon Cheese snacks into a powder using a blender or food processor and add them to breadcrumb mixtures for a boost of flavour and nutrients. Forget chips and vending machine snacks, and instead, make way for a snack that is filling, fun and convenient! Curb your cravings, power your workouts and munch on the move with these all-natural, energy-boosting “pieces of the moon”! 

Even when compared to other “healthier” snack options, Moon Cheese reigns supreme. It contains more protein and less carbohydrates than a same size portion of beef jerky. Vegetable and dried fruit chips can’t compete either, with higher amounts of sugar and lower amounts of protein than Moon Cheese. Even other common health snacks such as store-bought nut and trail mixes, kale chips and baked potato chips contain loads of added sugars and questionable ingredients that you won’t find in Moon Cheese. Opt for simple ingredients, tons of flavour, and long-lasting energy with Moon Cheese Natural Crunchy Cheese Snacks!
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