Pyure Organic Sugar-Free Syrups

Organic Sugar-Free Syrup- Chocolate
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Pyure Sugar-Free Flavoured Syrups keto-friendly, low-carb syrup sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Go ahead and pour this delicious and sweet sauce over low-carb frozen desserts, mix into smoothies and shakes, drizzle over baked goods and pancakes, add to milk or alternative. Each serving contains only 1g net carb and 10 calories. 

Why do we love Pyure Sugar-Free Flavoured Syrups?

- Made with organic, non-GMO ingredients 
- Each serving contains only 1g net carb
- Each serving contains only 10 calories
- Versatile uses: makes everything you love more chocolatey
- Contains 3g - 4g of fibre per serving
- Keto-friendly sweeteners
- Vegan-Friendly

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