Red Square

Low Carb Flax Cranberry Cinnamon Buns

Red Square Bakery products are low carb, keto-friendly, and diabetic-friendly delights made in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada! They are one of the pioneers of using flax seed meal in baking. Not only are flax seeds low in carbohydrates, but they are especially renowned for their high fibre and omega-3 fatty acid content. Both of these nutrients are essential for good health and well-being, as well as managing a variety of health problems including diabetes, celiac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, colitis, and diverticulitis. It can also help alleviate common digestive issues such as constipation and bowel irregularity. By incorporating flax seeds into their baking, Red Square Bakery ensures that you can not only enjoy the taste of delicious baked goods, but you can also feel great about choosing products that are good for you!

Red Square Bakery began as a small family owned and operated authentic European bakery that served a number of Russian delicacies. Although their homemade labour-intensive treats were a hit, they had to adapt to a rapidly expanding customer base. To preserve the true taste and shape of their hand made baked goods they invested in custom-made machinery to aid production. The next challenge they faced was an ever more health-conscious public. They revisited their original recipes to reduce the fat and calorie content and improve nutritional value. Special attention has always been paid to the quality of the individual ingredients used in their products and with a little research and innovation, healthier versions of their traditional recipes were made using cost-saving machines to deliver them at lower prices! 

Red Square Flax Cranberry Cinnamon Buns are a low carb dieter’s dream! Not only are they perfectly balanced with sweetness and cinnamon, but they are also incredibly filling so you can stop after just one. The reason for this is their high fibre and protein content! Each bun contains a whopping 44g of protein and 18g of dietary fibre. This is thanks to wholesome, nutritious ingredients including ground golden flax seeds and vital wheat gluten. These buns also contain real pieces of dried cranberries for a bit of added texture and tartness. Each bun also contains just 4g of net carbs and no added sugars, making them suitable for most low carb diets. Instead of sugar, they are lightly sweetened with sucralose, a type of zero calorie sugar substitute. Pop Red Square Flax Cranberry Cinnamon Buns in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and enjoy a warm, steamy cinnamon bun for breakfast or late afternoon snack!
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