Seal Sama

Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce

Seal Sama Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce was created by master sushi chef, Peggi Whiting, who set out to create a safe alternative to traditional Teriyaki sauces that would meet the dietary needs of today’s consumers. Peggi trained with Master Inou, a legendary sushi chef in Japan, who taught her about the delicate balances of flavours found in Japanese cuisine. When she returned to America, she launched the original Ichiban Sushi restaurant in Park City, Utah in the late 1980s. She ran the restaurant for nearly 18 years, eventually becoming a well-recognized and celebrated chef among locals, food critics and tourism guides alike! After many years of cooking special dishes for her customers and friends, Peggi decided it was time to take a step back and focus on her family. But she still wanted to share her extensive knowledge and passion for Japanese cuisine, so she created a line of Teriyaki Sauces using her original recipes. These sauces were also specially formulated to taste great, yet provide guilt-free enjoyment to health-conscious consumers.  

Seal Sama Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce is recommended for those managing diabetes or simply those wanting to reduce their sugar intake, yet still enjoy the wonderful flavours of Japanese cuisine. Although this sauce is sugar-free, none of the sweet Teriyaki flavours are sacrificed. Sweetened with Splenda brand sucralose, this sauce contains zero grams of sugar and just 1g of net carbohydrates per serving (one tablespoon). It is also low glycemic and low in calories compared to traditional Teriyaki sauces. Have fun with your food once again with this deliciously satisfying and guilt-free sauce!

Use Seal Sama Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce in stir fries, marinades, glazes and dressings. It pairs perfectly with grilled meat, seafood and vegetables. You can also make your own salad dressing by combining it with oil and vinegar or citrus juice. Serve Asian-inspired dishes with a low carb rice or noodle alternative, also found at The Low Carb Grocery. Check out inspirational recipes using Seal Sama Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce on the Seal Sama website here. Our customers love the taste and texture of this sauce, just read numerous five-start reviews, or try it for yourself today!
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Sugar Free Teriyaki Sauce
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Seal Sama
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