Steviva - Fructevia Natural Sugar Substitute

Fructevia Natural Sugar Substitute
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Fructevia is a patented blend of all-natural ingredients that tastes exactly like sugar. It does not contain any GMOls, gluten or chemicals. Fructevia is safe for diabetics and individuals on a low carb or low glycemic diet.

What is inside Fructevia?

Crystalline Fructose: all-natural fruit sugar is sourced from only one plant in the world that makes it from fruit not corn. Fructose is digested in the liver so it has very little effect if any on blood sugar levels. Never to be confused with high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose is absorbed very slowly so you will not experience a sugar high or low.

Inulin: we all know the importance of fibre in our diet. This inulin is extracted from Jerusalem artichokes. It's digestive benefits include calcium absorption and food for friendly intestinal flora.

Stevia: which is related to the Chrysanthemum is about 25 times sweeter than sugar in its natural state. After taking it through all natural water extraction process, what remains is over 300 times sweeter than sugar with no calories or carbs.

Magnesium carbonate is added as an anti-caking agent and aids in calcium absorption and enzymatic activity.

Replacement ratio: 2 tsp sugar = 1 tsp Fructevia Blend

Last Updated: 2021-07-05 09:32:56
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