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Em-eukal - Eucalyptus (Menthol drops)
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Dr. C. Soldon remium cough drops come in many varieties and make the ideal companion, any time and any place. There are three available flavours in the range, all boasting the unique effect because all the cough drops have the added appeal of built-in health and special taste.

Em-eukal® is a healthy alternative, and of course it’s sugar-free too. A sweet that’s good for everyone: whether you are hypersensitive to gluten or lactose-intolerant.

Em-eukal® Classic sugar-freeGreen. Strong. The original. The classic cough drop with a unique combination of eucalyptus oil and menthol. Delightfully soothing with an unmistakable flavour. Still faithful to the original German recipe developed by Dr Carl Soldanin 1923.

Em-eukal® Sage, sugar-freeSoothing action. Smooth flavour. The sage-flavoured drop: velvety soft taste and good for the throat and voice. Every one of these throat lozenges contains the extract of one whole sage leaf and precious essential oils.

Em-eukal® Ginger-Orange, sugar-freeHot. And Fruity! Memories are made of this delicious and unusual combination of spicy ginger and fresh, fruity, sun-ripened oranges.

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