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Low carb and sugar-free syrups are perfect for adding guilt-free flavour to pancakes, waffles, ice cream, desserts or beverages! Flavoured syrups are also great for baking. Add delicious flavours to your homemade baked goods with no added sugar, calories or fat. Choose from sweetened or unsweetened flavoured syrups (both are sugar-free), depending on your desired sweetness level. The Low Carb Grocery also carries a large selection of low carb and sugar-free sweetener products to help you customize your recipes.


With a wide range of delicious flavoured syrups from brands like DaVinciSweetLeafHershey’sSmucker’s and LorAnn Oils, you can suit the taste preferences of the whole family without compromising anyone’s health goals or dietary restrictions. Find everything from maple-flavoured pancake syrup to rich and decadent butter rumEnglish toffee or white chocolate sugar-free syrups that pair perfectly with coffee and baked goods. You can also browse a variety of fruit-flavoured syrups that are perfect for adding to smoothies, cocktails, marinades, homemade salad dressings and more!

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