The Garlic Box Ultimate Seasoning and Spices

The Ultimate Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
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Fresh garlic grown from healthy Ontario soil processed into spices and seasonings that will transform your cooking into nutritious, low carb super meals!

The Garlic Box is a family run business that is a leading company of gourmet garlic food products made with special cold-climate garlic from Ontario, Canada. 
They grow non-GMO, pesticide free, non-irradiated high quality garlic to create a versatile line of garlic based seasoning, spices, splashes, sauces, and more, without any artificial ingredients. 

 Fill your pantry with these seasonings and spices from The Low Carb Grocery: 

Do you prefer splashing than sprinkling? 
Check out The Garlic Box marinating splash products here. 


Last Updated: 2022-04-14 13:53:12
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