Low Carb Flour Substitute

Tova is the manufacturer behind Carbalose Flour, a low carb flour substitute. Carbalose Flour can be used in place of regular wheat flour but contains up to 90% less carbs! It is as close to real flour as you can get without using actual wheat flour. At Tova, they believe that low carb diets can be effective and healthy for a number of individuals, so they aim to provide products that allow people to follow this type of lifestyle while enjoying tasty food! 

Unlike other low carb flours, which are often made from soy or other non-wheat components, Carbalose Flour is made with specially formulated wheat flour. As a result, it is easy to work with and tastes very much like traditional wheat flour! Since it lacks the non-fibre parts of wheat that affect net carbs, it is safe for low carb dieters. Carbalose Flour also contains vital wheat gluten and high-protein wheat flour, providing 31g of protein per serving (approximately 100g)! Made through a unique process by combining enzyme-modified wheat, plant fibre and protein, Carbalose Flour is unlike any other low carb flour substitute. It also does not contain soy protein, sugar alcohols, dairy or animal-originated trans and saturated fats. 

Carbalose Flour has been tested successfully in various environments such as high-speed automated kitchens and artisan bakeries, so you can feel confident that it will work in your home kitchen. The team behind Carbalose Flour is made up of food scientists and master bakers who have made sure the product is perfected for low carb baking!

Carbalose Flour is highly versatile. It can be used to make biscuits, muffins, pancakes, waffles, pie crusts, pizza crusts, cookies, cakes and more! Our customers also use it as a thickener in sauces and gravies in place of traditional wheat flour. Explore the endless possibilities of low carb cooking and baking and get creative using Carbalose Flour!
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Carbalose White Flour
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