Universal Nutrition

CarbRite Diet Nutrition Bars and Low Carb Bake Mixes

Universal Nutrition is the manufacturer behind one of the biggest and best-selling brands of low carb foods, CarbRite Diet! CarbRite Diet offers a line of low carb snack bars and bake mixes that are sugar-free, lab tested gluten-free, high in protein and contain less than 3g of net carbs. Their products are also free from trans fats and preservatives. 

CarbRite Diet was founded in 2000 to create carb-conscious snacks for low carb dieters that taste great! They believe that just because you follow a carb-restricted diet, you don’t have to sacrifice delicious tasting snacks. 

CarbRite Diet Bars are perfect for eating on the go, before or after a workout, or any time you feel like snacking! Since each bar provides 17-21g of protein, they will keep you feeling full and energized for long periods of time. Plus, they contain absolutely zero sugar and are sweetened with alternative sweeteners such as sugar alcohols instead, which have a very low impact on blood sugar levels. This makes them a great choice for diabetics, but as always, consult your health care practitioner beforehand if you have any concerns. CarbRite Diet Bars are available in 12 different crave-worthy flavours including Frosted Cinnamon Bun, Cookie Dough, Banana Nut and S’mores!

CarbRite Diet also offers low carb, sugar-free Brownie and Blondie baking mixes (these mixes are not gluten-free, like other CarbRite Diet products). Now you can have these delicious treats right at home, warm and fresh! The bake mixes contain just 1.5g of net carbs per serving (approximately one brownie/blondie). They taste rich and fudgy but are low in calories since they are made without sugar! To prepare the mix, you’ll need to combine the dry mix with eggs, butter (or vegan alternatives) and water. For full baking instructions follow the Easy Baking Steps on the back of the package. 
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