VivaLac Inc - Whey Low- All-Natural POWDERED SWEETENER

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Important Notice: As per the manufacturer, the shelf life of Whey Low is indefinite as long as it is kept in a dry environment. The date printed on the product is the manufacturing date. 

Whey Low Powdered Sugar is the ultimate sugar replacement! Just try it in your favourite recipes and you'll quickly see why!

A patented* blend of all-natural sugars, when used in combination with dietary carbohydrates, Whey Low Powder is regarded as low-calories, low-carb and low-glycemic, as this blend requires less insulin for conversion and reduces blood glucose levels by 60% to 80% compared to sucrose.  Whey Low Powder is ideal for low-calorie and low-carb dieters and for the health-conscious. It is great for preparing frostings, candies, fudge and for dusting donuts, fruits and cakes. It tastes and performs in all foods like confectioner's sugar. 
This product is gluten-free and kosher.

*US Patent #6,777,397

Last Updated: 2020-07-02 12:08:57
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