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Low carb, healthy cooking & baking products

To make the most of the low carb lifestyle, you need to adapt your cooking methods to keep the carbs out of the foods you prepare without sacrificing taste. Baking in particular can be tricky, but with the right ingredients, you’ll be amazed at the delicious low carb foods you can make right in your own kitchen.

At first glance, you may think that baking and the low carb lifestyle would be at odds with each other. After all, baking relies heavily on many common ingredients that are high sources of carbs like flour, grains, and sugar. However, the reality is that there are dozens of amazing baking ingredient alternatives that you can use to create all your favourite recipes the low carb way.

Here, we’ve compiled a collection of the most essential and popular baking ingredients and supplies that our customers can’t get enough of. Whether you’re looking for a simple 1-1 sugar replacement, or are in need of the best alternative low carb flour to make cakes and cookies, you’ll find it here. Plus, you’ll discover some fast and easy dessert solutions that you can use to make delicious sweet treats in just minutes. Let’s get started!

Essential Low Carb Baking Ingredients

When your kid opens up their lunch kit at school, one of the first things they’ll be looking for is a drink to sip on. For a great-tasting soda that doesn’t contain a mountain of sugar, brands like Zevia and Cove are excellent options. Choose from classic soda flavours like cola, root beer, ginger ale, cream soda, grape, and many more.

Alternatively, it can be fun to mix up your own drink at lunchtime using a convenient flavour packet like those from brands like 4C Totally Light and True Citrus. Take any bottle of water and kick it up a notch with sugar-free flavours like lemonade, fruit punch, black cherry, blue raspberry, and many others.

For those days where you might need a bit more of a pick-me-up at lunchtime, you can find healthier alternatives to sugar-heavy energy drinks by choosing ready-to-drink Atkins or Quest high-protein shakes. Choose from classic flavours of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, or be adventurous with exciting, nostalgic tastes like Creamy Root Beer Float and Chocolate Banana Shake to lift your spirits and recharge your batteries for the afternoon.

Swerve Erythritol Sugar Replacements

When people switch to a low carb lifestyle, one of the first things they learn to adapt to is the use of alternative sweeteners. Regular sugar is one of the biggest sources of carbohydrates, so it’s vital to find a good quality sweetener that you can use to sweeten foods and beverages and keep carbs out of the equation. One of the most popular brands of sugar replacements here at The Low Carb Grocery is Swerve.

Made using natural erythritol to provide a balanced sweetness without any carbs, Swerve offers alternative sweeteners to replace granular white sugar, brown sugar, and icing sugar for all your baking needs. Swerve sweeteners also measure just like regular sugars, so you won’t have to do any calculations to adjust them to your recipes. You can find Swerve Granular Sweetener, Swerve Brown Sweetener, and Swerve Confectioners Sweetener, along with other Swerve low carb baking products here at The Low Carb Grocery.

Anthony’s Goods Flour, Fibre, and Wheat Gluten

Next to sugar, wheat and grain ingredients like flour are the next most prominent source of carbs in the kitchen. Don’t worry though, because Anthony’s Goods is coming to the rescue with their line of low carb baking and cooking ingredients! Take Anthony’s Goods extra-fine almond flour for example. Made entirely from blanched almonds, Anthony’s Goods almond flour is perfect for making a wide range of baked recipes that are low in carbs and keto-friendly.

Anthony’s Goods also provides premium-quality organic oat fibre, premium vital wheat gluten, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk, xantham gum, flaxseed meal, cocoa nibs, and many other essential baking supplies for your low carb kitchen. Check out the entire line of Anthony’s Goods low carb baking ingredients here.

La Nouba Sugar-Free Marshmallows

While marshmallows might not spring to mind as one of the absolutely essential baking ingredients, you’d be surprised at how many dessert and snack treat recipes call for marshmallows. Our customers adore La Nouba sugar-free marshmallows for their authentic taste and texture. These are exactly what you need to make low carb versions of popular desserts that require marshmallows.

Krisda Semi-Sweet Chocolatey Chips

Making authentic chocolate chip cookies, muffins, pancakes, and waffles the low carb way means you need a really good quality sugar-free brand of chocolate chips. Replace regular chocolate chips with Krisda Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and you’ll be all set to make the tastiest and most scrumptious low-sugar, low-carb, and keto-friendly cookies, muffins, and more. They’ve even been infused with added fibre for a little extra nutrition!

Wild Tusker Organic Flours & Spices

Without the right spices and seasonings, the flavour of your baked goods will fall flat. You won’t have to worry about that with Wild Tusker brand products. Only the finest organic spices make the cut for Wild Tusker, and it shows in the flavour of their cinnamon and turmeric powders. Wild Tusker also makes top-quality coconut oils, shredded coconut, coconut milk powder, moringa powder, and cinnamon sticks.

Tuscany Premium Quality Sunflower Oil

Many types of baking recipes call for some type of cooking oil to be used, but not all oils are created equal. Your kitchen deserves the best ingredients, and that includes having premium Tuscany sunflower oil in your pantry. Available in convenient 1L and 3L sizes, Tuscany sunflower oil is rich in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, and are cholesterol free with zero trans-fats. That’s good news for your recipes, and good news for your heart!

Baking ingredients like these aren’t the only products you’re going to want stocked in your low carb kitchen. To save time, make great desserts, and keep carbs low, there are all kinds of prepared baking mixes and fillings that you should know about. Here are some of the best!

Low carb baking mixes

Popular Low Carb Baking Mixes & Low Carb Dessert Fillings

Jell-O Sugar-Free Jelly & Pudding Mixes

Our customers just can’t get enough of these sugar-free versions of classic Jell-O jellies and pudding fillings. In addition to the classic pudding flavours of vanilla and chocolate, Jell-O also offers delicious varieties such as pistachio, cheesecake, and banana cream. For sugar-free jellies, you’ll find all your favourites, including strawberry, lemon, lime, raspberry, orange, and cherry, as well as newer flavours like strawberry banana and black cherry. Use these sugar-free Jell-O products in place of regular puddings and jellies in your baking recipes, or just on their own for a nice sweet treat!

Carbquik Complete Biscuit Baking Mix

In just minutes, Carbquik will have delicious low carb pancakes, biscuits, pizza crusts, and more all ready to use to create healthy and nutritious meals. The secret to Carbquik is in the carbalose flour, which has 90% fewer carbs that regular baking mixes. Carbquik baking mix is keto-friendly, contains no sugars, no sugar alcohols, and is high in fiber and protein. It’s the perfect solution to fast and easy low carb baking!

Farm Girl Diabetic-Friendly Baking Mixes

One of the newer brands on the shelves here at The Low Carb Grocery is definitely making waves in the low carb baking world! Farm Girl focuses on healthy baking mixes that are suitable for diabetic nutritional needs, and enable you to create brownies, cakes, muffins, loaves, and more that all taste amazing. Farm Girl also has a delicious keto-friendly pizza mix for light, fluffy, and authentic-tasting pizzas right from your very own oven.

Birch Benders Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix

People with gluten sensitivities know how difficult it can be to find products that allow them to enjoy the foods they want, but not have to worry about hidden sources of gluten. Birch Benders makes pancakes and waffles easy with their original and chocolate chip varieties of gluten-free low carb pancake and waffle mix. Keto-friendly, gluten-free, and infused with protein. Try Birch Benders pancake and waffle mixes this weekend for a healthy and hearty family breakfast!

Duncan Hines Comstock No-Sugar-Added Pie Fillings

Making a low carb pie crust is simple using alternative flours, but what are you going to fill it with? Duncan Hines Comstock takes the guesswork out of pie making with these prepared low carb and no-sugar-added delicious pie fillings. Choose from classic apple or deliciously tart cherry. These pie fillings are low in calories, low in sodium, and are also ideal for use as a topping on a big bowl of sugar-free ice cream.

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This list is just a small sample of all the amazing baking ingredients and cooking supplies that you’ll find right here at The Low Carb Grocery. Our team is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest brands and products to stock on our shelves, so you can be sure there’s something new to discover every time you shop. Get your kitchen prepared for your next big baking session with these popular baking products from the best brands in low carb living!


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