Low Carb Pasta & Noodle Products in Canada

The best price and selection for low carb Pasta & Noodle products.

Continue to enjoy your favourite pasta and sauces with these great low-carb options! Try low carb pasta products from popular brands such as Miracle NoodlenuPastaLiviva, and Better Than Foods, and combine with homemade low carb pasta and pizza sauces.



These low carb pastas are made from fibre rich, and/or gluten free flours, and will keep you full for longer and won't spike blood sugar thanks to their high fibre content. Simply find your favourite low carb pasta below and add cooked protein, vegetables, and a delicious pasta sauce and you can have dinner ready in no time!


And when you’re looking for healthier alternatives to regular pasta try these high-protein and high-fibre options from Ciao CarbChickapea PastaAl Dente, and Fiber Gourmet! These pastas have been formulated using alternative and/or fortified flours that make them more nutritionally dense. Enjoy these delicious and functional pastas today!

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