A 3 Minute Low Carb Salad

Originally posted on facebook – this garnered a lot of interest and feedback. Its such a simple thing – I was really surprised. Perhaps that’s why it got so much attention in the first place. current time . One of the best things about low carb is the great selection of foods, amazing taste (read: healthy fats), and how simple it can be to make satisfying meals.


“A 3 minute low-carb lunch. This is what I have several times a week. Pre-cooked chicken strips from Costco, prewashed salad greens, The Garlic Box Apple Cider and Garlic Vinaigrette (one of the best dressings ever made), and a slice of double cream brie cheese. Sometimes I’ll add a few cherry tomatoes. More nutritious and cheaper than eating outside.”

For those who are not aware, Apple Cider is a natural food that aids in weight loss and provides many other health benefits. Garlic as well – provides many benefits for boosting the immune system. An apple cider and garlic vinaigrette is heaven!

At the store, we keep a large bin of store-bought, pre-washed mixed greens, baby romain, spinach, or whatever we feel like that week. The chicken is Pinty’s Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Strips from Costco which is pre-cooked, pre-seasoned, and are naturally low in carbs. We like brie cheese here, so we keep a slab around that we cut from. Easy, because you just combine and add dressing.  For variety, add olives, or cherry tomatoes, or sliced hard boiled eggs.