Atkins Advantage Meal Bars

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Advantage Strawberry Almond Bar
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Advantage Strawberry Almond Bar / 5 x 48g (Updated Nutritional & Ingredient info) / Item #: 6888
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Atkins Advantage Meal Bars are packed with protein, high in fibre but low in sugar; they are tasty and convenient at the same time. These protein bars work great as a satisfying meal replacement since they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, enjoy this as  sinful chocolate bar snacks. Wondering where to buy your Atkins diet products? Get them at our stores in Ontario and BC or our online store anywhere in Canada!

With popular flavours like chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon bun, peanut butter granola and more, they taste so good you would have to look twice to be sure you aren’t cheating! Savour the perfect combination of sweet luxury and quality nutrition with Atkins Advantage Meal Bars.

Any Atkins bar that is 4g net carbs or below can be used on phase 1. Atkins recommends no more than 2 Atkins Products (Bar or Shake) a day so that you can get the 12g-15g net carbs from vegetables necessary for the plan. Also, artificial sweeteners in high amounts (whether in our Atkins products or something like diet pops) can stall weight loss.

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