Atkins - Chocolate Almond Caramel Bar

Chocolate Almond Caramel Bar
Chocolate Almond Caramel Bar / 5 x 48g / Item #: 2777
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Savor an Atkins Advantage Bar with the perfect combination of sweet decadence and superior nutrition. It tastes so good you will not believe it is low-carb!

 *Net Atkins Count: 3g* - Any bar that is 4g net carbs or below can be used on phase 1. Atkins recommends no more than 2 Atkins Products (Bar or Shake) a day so that you can get the 12g-15g net carbs from vegetables necessary for the plan. Also artificial sweeteners in high amounts (whether it our Atkins products or something like diet pops) can stall weight loss.


 To learn more about Net Atkins Count:



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