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Endulge Chocolate Candies
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Endulge Chocolate Candies / 5 x 34g (Updated Ingredients/Nutritional info) / Item #: 9015
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Atkins Endulge treats are very low in sugar yet taste like unhealthy snack bars, perfect for low carb dieters. Available in Chocolate covered coconut, caramel nut chew, chocolate peanut candies, chocolate candies amd more! We’re only human and when cravings strike we can’t help but have images of sweet, delicious and fattening cookies and chocolates floating around in our heads, which make sticking to the low carb diet a real challenge. With Atkins Endulge Series though, you can reach for a treat without the added sugar. They contain no more than 1g of sugar, depending on the flavours you choose. So now you can satisfy your cravings for regular high carb treats with great tasting snacks from the Atkins Endulge Series without compromising your carbohydrate controlled diet!

Any bar that is 4g net carbs or below can be used on phase 1. Atkins recommends no more than 2 Atkins Products (Bar or Shake) a day so that you can get the 12g-15g net carbs from vegetables necessary for the plan. Also artificial sweeteners in high amounts (whether it our Atkins products or something like diet pops) can stall weight loss. 

Be sure to check out Atkins meal bars as well for more options!


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