Al Dente

Reduced Carb, High-Protein Pasta

Carba Nada pasta by Al Dente is a reduced carbohydrate, low glycemic, high protein, high fibre pasta! It is made with a blend of durum semolina flour and soy flour, which makes for impeccable flavour and texture that can be enjoyed by those on low carb diets or managing diabetes. Plus, all Carba Nada products are vegetarian, kosher certified, and non-GMO.  

Traditional pasta contains around 35-40g of net carbs and 300 calories per serving. In comparison, each serving of Carba Nada pasta has just 17g of net carbs and 170 calories! In addition, each serving provides 7g of fibre and 15g of protein to improve digestion and keep you satiated. Plus, Carba Nada noodles cook much quicker than regular pasta noodles, requiring just 3-5 minutes of cooking time in salted, boiling water. 

Al Dente was founded by Monique Deschaine, who grew up in France and relished in the three-hour Sunday ritual of making lunch with her grandparents. When she moved to America, she witnessed the “Pasta Revolution” in New York City in the 80’s, which pushed American demand for fresh pasta. So, in 1981, Monique launched her own pasta company, Al Dente. Al Dente started from very humble beginnings: Monique and her husband, Dennis, would make the pasta in the evenings, pray it would dry by morning, and write handwritten labels before making personal deliveries to local customers. The company grew strictly by word-of-mouth advertising as friends and family started trying – and loving – Monique’s small batch, artisanal pasta. Soon, her pasta became famous across the nation for its fresh taste and 3-minute cooking time! Today, Al Dente is about more than just pasta; it’s about a way of life that fosters a connection with loved ones, with our community, and with our planet. 
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Carba-Nada Fettuccine Noodles - Egg
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Carba-Nada Low Carb - Fusilli
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