Sugar-Free Candies

GoLightly sugar-free candies are a great alternative to traditional candies for low carb dieters, keto diet followers, diabetics and anyone else trying to limit sugar and carbs in their diet! Now, you don’t have to give up your favourite sweets just because you follow a carb restricted diet or are trying to manage your blood sugar levels. Almost all GoLightly sugar-free candies contain 0g of net carbs, making them a smart snack or dessert choice. They are also a tasty choice, with no unpleasant aftertaste that can be associated with other sugar-free candies. GoLightly candies are sweetened with Splenda® brand no calorie sweetener (sucralose), deemed the tastiest sweetener when compared to other alternatives. These candies are also gluten-free, and low in calories and fat. Browse a variety of flavours and options including Vanilla CaramelsToffeesChocolate Mint Candies and more! 

GoLightly is one of the oldest brands of sugar-free confections in North America. While their parent company, Hillside Candies, produces organic sugar-based candies, GoLightly is focused on the sugar-free candy niche. It may feel like the sugar-free candy trend has just started in recent years, but these candies date back to the mid-80s! With years of experience in this market space, GoLightly is one of the go-to brands for sugar-free candies for many consumers. Competing on both taste and price, these candies are just as good (or many better!) than traditional sugar-based versions.

Looking for more low carb and sugar-free desserts? Browse our selection of low carb Sweet Treats including other sugar-free candies, caramels and toffees, chocolate, frozen treats, pudding and Jell-o, and more! Always keep your pantry stocked with these low carb, sugar-free indulgences so you are prepared for when cravings strike. There is truly no need for cheat days or meals when there are so many tasty, healthy alternatives to choose from!
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