Pasta Young

Low Carb High Protein Pasta

Pasta Young offers functional alternatives to traditional pasta with reduced carbs and higher protein content. Since the 2000s, Pasta Young has been working on food formulations that meet the needs of sports and wellness enthusiasts. Not only do they pay attention to macronutrient values in terms of protein, fibre, and carbohydrates, but they also care about micronutrients that are essential to good overall health. Whether you are looking for a lower carb alternative to regular pasta, a high-quality European sourced wheat or a boost to your protein intake, Pasta Young checks all of these boxes!

Pasta Young products are handmade with high quality European sourced ingredients that taste great and provide unmatched nutrition. These pastas are 55% protein, compared to traditional pastas which have a protein content of only 10-15%. A blend of soy protein isolate, durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten and wheat fibre provides a whopping 43g of protein and 4g of dietary fibre per serving of Pasta Young dry pasta. Each serving also contains just 31g of carbohydrates, about 30% less than traditional refined or enriched wheat pasta. These pastas require the same amount of cooking time as regular pasta (8-10 minutes) and have a similar shelf life. Make a simple and easy swap for greater nutrition. Gone are the days of feeling bloated yet peckish after a big bowl of pasta. Designed for maximum protein intake, good digestibility and a satisfying taste, Pasta Young challenges your current idea of comfort food!

Browse fun and familiar pasta shapes from Pasta Young including Fusilli, Penne, Spaghetti and Tubetti. Complete your low carb, high protein pasta dish with cooked protein, vegetables and one of our no sugar added pasta sauces! Looking for more low carb pasta and noodle alternatives?

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