All-Natural Sugar Substitutes

Sukrin is a brand of all-natural sugar substitutes. Sukrin products are based around erythritol, a type of naturally derived sugar alcohol found in certain foods such as pears, melons and mushrooms. Studies show that Sukrin does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels, making it safe for those managing diabetes or prediabetes. In addition, it contains zero calories and zero carbohydrates, making it a great choice for those following Low Carb and Ketogenic diets or other weight management programs.

Sukrin is produced through a natural fermentation process similar to those used to make wine and yogurt. The raw material used to make Sukrin sweeteners is pure grape sugar, making it a safe alternative for those intolerant to yeast, fungi or candida. Sukrin is 100% safe and natural and free of additives, aspartame, and other artificial ingredients. It can be hard to choose from so many sugar alternatives on the market these days, but Sukrin believes that all-natural is the way to go! Natural sweeteners are diabetic-safe, do not cause digestive upset or leave unpleasant aftertastes, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and lifestyles.

The company behind Sukrin, Funksjonell Mat As, was founded in 2007 in Oslo, Norway. Their goal was to provide innovative products to make healthy living easier. Today, they provide a wide range of all natural zero calorie sugar alternatives that are also naturally gluten-free. Swapping out regular sugar with Sukrin sugar substitutes is a simple step you can take towards a healthier lifestyle. Sukrin easily replaces regular sugars and can be adapted to any of your favourite recipes!

Sukrin Gold is the world’s first ever all-natural brown sugar substitute. It has 98% less calories and 97% less available carbohydrates than sugar and no significant impact on blood sugar levels. Enjoy the same flavour, aroma and texture as regular brown sugar with Sukrin Gold. It is perfect for adding to baked goods or serving over berries, cerealporridge and yogurt. Sukrin:1 is just as sweet as sugar thanks to a small amount of steviol glycosides added to natural erythritol. It contains zero carbs, zero calories and is zero glycemic with the same sweet taste and consistency of regular sugar. Sukrin:1 may also improve dental health by curbing the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Sukrin Granular White Sugar Substitute has a clean, natural taste with about 70-75% the sweetness of regular sugar. It has the same appearance and consistency of granular table sugar, making it great for use in baking recipes. It is also an easy replacement for sugar in coffee, tea and other hot drinks! Finally, Sukrin Icing Sugar Substitute is a natural alternative to powdered sugar that can be substituted 1:1. It is zero calorie, zero carb and zero glycemic with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives. Sukrin Icing dissolves easily and is perfect for no-bake desserts, frostings, and sweetening cold beverages.
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Sukrin Gold - Brown Sugar Alternative
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