How to Make Healthy Jicama Fries

Low carb substitute for regular French fries

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Jicama fries are a great keto friendly option to regular potatoe fries

Hot, salty French fries are one of the best taste experiences in the world. But, when you’re living the low carb lifestyle, potatoes aren’t exactly a great fit. Fortunately, there are alternatives for making healthier French fries. One of the tastiest potato substitutes we’ve found for making fries is jicama. Find out how to make great jicama fries!

If you asked people who are living the low carb lifestyle to select one high-carb food to indulge in with zero guilt, we’d be willing to wager that a pile of hot, fresh, crispy French fries with a side of tasty fry sauce would be one of the most popular responses. Let’s face it, fries are fantastic, but the carbs definitely aren’t. Luckily, there are lots of alternatives for making fries that don’t rely on potatoes, each with their own unique flavour profile and cooking characteristics. However, some might not end up giving you the classic crispiness that you want in a low carb French fry. If that’s what you’re after, then allow us to introduce you to the best thing to happen to fries since the potato – jicama!

What Is Jicama?

At first glance, you might think that jicama looks like a big, beige radish, or maybe a type of turnip. Jicama is a round root vegetable with a brownish outer skin and a pale, firm, and juicy interior flesh. Many people compare the taste of jicama to water chestnuts due to the similar texture and subtle sweetness of the vegetable.

Jicama plant

Jicama was originally grown in Mexico and Central America, but over time has spread throughout other areas of the world, particularly in southern Asia and the Philippines. Growing jicama requires a year-round warm climate with no risk of sub-zero temperatures or frost.

One of the most interesting aspects of jicama is that the outer skin is inedible, but the inner flesh can be eaten raw, and has a firm and crunchy ‘snap’ to it. These characteristics are very different from those of a potato, partly because jicama does not have the high amounts of starch that potatoes do.

In terms of health value, jicama offers significantly more nutrition than a potato. One cup of jicama contains over 40% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and nearly 7g of dietary fiber. Jicama also contains iron, folate, magnesium, potassium, and manganese, along with some vitamin E, vitamin B6, calcium, zinc, and riboflavin. Overall, it’s a great fit for the low carb lifestyle as a substitute for potatoes.

What Makes Jicama Perfect for Making Low Carb French Fries?

An entire cup of jicama contains just 12g of carbs, 6 of which are in the form of dietary fiber. This brings the net carbs down to around 6g per cup of jicama. Considering the same amount of potato would have a whopping 28g net carbs, jicama is way better for the low carb lifestyle. This means you can enjoy jicama French fries without worry about setting your nutrition goals off track.

In addition, jicama makes for incredibly crispy fries when prepared the right way. Some other vegetables that are commonly used for French fries aren’t always able to do this. Although they’re all tasty and healthy options, other low carb fry alternatives like carrots, turnips, or beets might not be able to achieve the same level of crispiness that jicama can.

So, what’s the trick to making the perfectly crispy low carb jicama French fry? Let us show you!

How Do You Make French Fries Using Jicama?

Making a fresh batch of crispy jicama fries is super easy, and just takes a few simple steps and only a handful of ingredients. Here’s how it breaks down.

1 – Peel the inedible outer skin off of the jicama, and then slice into your desired style of French fry. For best results, we find that your fries should be between ¼ and ½ inch thick. Keep in mind that thinner fries will cook a lot faster and end up crispier, while thicker fries will offer a softer interior if you prefer that.

2 – Put the jicama fries into a pot of boiling water for around 20 minutes, until the fries are starting to soften. Thicker fries might take up to 25 minutes. One trick is to keep an eye on the colour of the fries. When they start to lose their ‘bright white’ appearance, they’re most likely ready. Check one for firmness to verify.

3 – Strain the fries and absorb as much moisture from the surface as possible by patting the fries dry. Excess moisture kills crispiness, so pat them good!

4 – You can cook jicama fries in either the oven or in an air fryer. Preheat to 400º. Prepare the fries by tossing them with oil. We recommend vegetable oil for a lighter fry, or you can use olive oil for additional flavour. Then, season with salt or other seasoning you wish to use.

5 – Arrange the fries on your baking sheet or in the fryer basket to allow for maximum air contact with the fries. This will help ensure you get consistent cooking and the best crispness on the outside. Depending on the size of your air fryer basket or baking sheet, you may need to cook them in batches to get the best results.

6 – Place the jicama fries in the oven or air fryer and cook for about 10-15 minutes. The fries are done when they are nice and golden on the outside. Taste one to check the doneness, and adjust timing as needed.

That’s all there is to making a healthy and delicious batch of piping hot jicama fries! Of course, we can’t just stop there. Here are a few detailed recipes you can use to experience different flavour combinations and cooking techniques to find your favourite style of jicama fries.

Easy Recipes for Making Delicious and Nutritious Low Carb Jicama Fries

Sriracha Baked Jicama Fries – Sriracha is one of the most popular flavours in North America right now, and it’s definitely a great way to elevate your fries with a unique spicy heat that warms up your taste buds. In this recipe, you’ll use a dry sriracha seasoning to bring the heat to your crispy jicama fries, and then cool things off with a delectable vegan chive mayo for dipping. Feel free to adjust the spice level to your personal preference, and either enjoy a slow burn or a scorching blaze in each bite.

Garlic Parmesan Keto Jicama Fries – We’re switching gears from spicy to savoury with this keto-friendly recipe. Garlic parm fries are super popular on pub and restaurant menus across Canada these days, but you can easily make your own low carb version right at home. This recipe uses a unique blend of ingredients, including whey protein powder, grated parmesan cheese, minced garlic, onion powder, and avocado oil. Serve these crispy coated jicama fries with some chopped parsley for garnish, and watch them disappear from plates in seconds. Very delicious!

Super Crispy Spiced Jicama Fries – In the mood for something a little different? This recipe for super-crispy seasoned jicama fries will quickly become one of your new favourites. Combining garlic powder with smoked paprika produces a flavourful blend that matches perfectly with the taste of fried jicama. Season liberally with salt, and enjoy! We recommend serving these with a variety of different dipping sauces, like a nice spicy ketchup, garlic mayo, honey mustard, or this unbelievably delicious keto-friendly special fry sauce.

Experience the Great Taste and Nutritional Benefits of Jicama

Feels like a great night for French fries, doesn’t it? Why not give one of these recipes a try today and pair a fresh batch of jicama fries with a tasty low carb burger or maybe some healthy keto fried chicken? Whatever you’re craving, we guarantee that jicama French fries are going to be a smash hit with the whole family at dinner time. We hope you enjoy these cooking tips for making nutritious jicama fries, and wish you and your family good health!

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