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Fact Checked Approved on Mar 13, 2024
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In recent years, low carb bread has become nothing less than desirable for everyone – regardless of diet. As a new study shows, low carb bread is so healthy, it can even diminish some risks of diabetes by helping to manage sugar levels! See this position statement from Diabetes Canada about how low carbohydrate diets can be beneficial for adults with Diabetes. 

Whether you’re ready to give it a try, or you’re a veteran, you’re in the right place. Bread is such an essential part of our daily lives, often a key component of all meals from breakfast to dinner, so then why is it so hard to find? Well, not anymore! The Low Carb Grocery has Canada’s widest selection of low carb bread, all in one place! Keep reading this article for a full breakdown of the best low carb breads in Canada, or click here for our complete catalogue of low carb breads pitas and wraps, and here for our wide selection of low carb bagels, buns and rolls!

Best Selling Low Carb Bread

The general rule of thumb with low carb bread is that most loaves will carry approximately 1g net carb per slice. This means, even if the nutritional label states 3g carb per slice with 2g fibre, you may subtract the 2g fibre (if you’re carb counting) because dietary fibre is not digested by the body – and therefore not stored in your body, which means it does not need to be burned with exercise. This is why fibre is notoriously known for helping with digestive aid.

Below is a list of our favourite low carb breads. Reminder, also these make for awesome low carb bread crumbs!

  • Carbonaut White Bread
    • Carbonaut White Bread tastes like your favourite regular bread and toasts well. Each serving of 2 slices has only 3g of net carbs, with 15g of fibre! That’s why Carbonaut easily became a favourite among Low Carb Grocery customers.  Best of all, you can choose from a wide variety of low carb breads, from Cinnamon Raisin, to Oat Bread, and Gluten-free ones. Check them out here and grab a loaf today. 
  • Chompie’s
    • One of the fastest-growing low carb breads to hit the market, Chompie’s story begins at a full-serve deli restaurant in Arizona, where their tasteful low carb bread success had no choice but to transition to the grocery market!
    • Today, Chompie’s is known as a fan favourite with great taste and only 1g net carb per slice. Try Chompie’s sesame bread today!
  • Fresh Betty Light Bread
    • Low-Calorie Delight: Betty Light Bread offers a deliciously light and fluffy texture with reduced calorie content, making it a guilt-free choice for those watching their calorie intake.
    • Wholesome Ingredients: Crafted with wholesome ingredients, Betty Light Bread combines taste and nutrition, providing a source of satisfaction while supporting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
    • Versatile and Tasty: Whether you’re making sandwiches, toasting for breakfast, or crafting creative recipes, Betty Light Bread’s versatility and delightful flavor make it the perfect choice for a wide range of culinary creations.

Again, these are only our top picks! Be sure to see our complete catalogue of low carb breads, pitas and wraps, and our complete catalogue of bagels, buns & rolls. Since each bread is baked with some alteration to the next, we strongly recommend trying a few brands to find your favourite – even if you love your first choice!

Why Buy Low Carb Instead of “Regular” Bread?

Everyone loves bread. We had to say it! Whether it’s a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a complex crostini on top of a French onion soup, bread always finds a way into our western daily lives. The fact is, the most popular bread in many homes is your traditional white bread (and you probably know which brand we’re talking about, too)! The issue is that this bread is completely loaded with sugar and in many cases can contain over 20g net carbs per slice!!! Not only does regular bread work against your weight loss goals, but it also spikes blood sugar, which is not good for sustainable energy levels throughout the day.

See this article to learn why white bread is so bad for you.

In some cases, white bread manufacturers are aware of their stripped nutrients and will opt-in for an enriched flour. This helps diminish a portion of their bad reputation in the sense that vitamin B and iron have been added back to the bread, but it still pales in comparison to the nutritional benefits of the highest quality ingredients blended together to form our recommendations above. Plus, brands like Slice of Life, who use almond flour get the best of both worlds; being flavourful & healthy and gluten-free!

Plus, the lack of fibre and protein in white bread also makes it rapidly absorbed by your body during digestion. Don’t be surprised if you feel fuller for longer if you choose from our bread options! White bread should be avoided and replaced with brands that use nutritious oats, grains, seeds or a blend of all three.

Where to Buy Low Carb Bread

Large grocery and big box stores are not doing enough to meet the health needs of consumers. The next time you’re shopping for groceries, try going through the bread section to find a low carb bread option. In most cases, it’s either not there, or it’s tucked away in a corner or in an area where you wouldn’t normally look for bread.

Even if you luck out and find a loaf in your local store, it may have been sitting around for a while, or may not be a reputable brand. We know it may feel a little weird at first, but for your health, we strongly suggest taking a look at our online inventory if none of our store locations are near you.

The Low Carb Grocery Inventory

At the Low Carb Grocery, we carry Canada’s widest selection of low carb and sugar-free foods. Here, we touched on low carb breads, but please visit our entire low carb lifestyle catalogue of blogs to learn about all the best and up-to-date health food trends. A honourable mention to our recommendations above is Carbonaut breads. They offer a low carb and gluten-free variety of bread, buns and pizza crusts.

A few more honourable mentions are Mama Lupe’s Tortillas, Joseph’s pitas and wraps, Flatout flatbreads, and Nuco coconut wraps. All of these products allow people on a low carb diet to enjoy tacos, burritos, pizzas, flatbreads, hamburgers, hot dogs and all of the best meals we love to eat!

Shop our Store Today!

Whether you’re new to low carb eating or a seasoned pro, you should always have the option to eat healthy breads that avoid sugar and carbs. The Low Carb Grocery is ready and knowledgeable to help you make that transition!

Our mission is to make it easy for you to find and enjoy the best low carb products without any sacrifices. We follow a very strict procedure before bringing anything into our brick & mortar, and online stores.

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