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Guide to Low Sugar and Sugar Free Desserts

Guide to Low Sugar and Sugar Free Desserts

We all love the occasional indulgence of a decadent dessert, but wouldn’t it be great if you could get that craving satisfied without setting your low carb or low sugar diet off-track? Well, the good news is that you definitely can, and we’re here to give you the advice and tips you need to make that happen. Finding great alternative desserts that are low carb, low sugar, or sugar free can be easy if you know what to look for. Whether it’s a great new pastry recipe, or an amazing new ice cream dessert, we can help you find the best tasting products and the most useful recipes that are perfect for low carb, low sugar, and sugar free diets. Here we go!

Common Sugar Ingredients & Alternatives

Before we get to the specific kinds of desserts, it’s important to know what ingredients to look out for when choosing recipes or selecting off-the-shelf desserts. It’s not unusual for carbs and sugars to hide in sneaky places, or use different names that aren’t easy to spot at a glance.

For starters, you’ll need to know the multiple different names for common sugars that are found in all kinds of sweet treats. Generally, common sugars will appear in the ingredient list or nutrition labels of foods with names that end in –ose. The most common of these are glucose, fructose, dextrose, lactose, maltose, and sucrose. Certain sugars are more commonly found in some foods than others, so it’s also handy to know where they usually come from. For example, the main sugar found in fruits is fructose, so be on the lookout for fructose on the labels of desserts that include fruit as an ingredient. Regardless of where it comes from or what name it has, these are the types of sugars that you’ll want to avoid.

For every naturally-occurring sugar that you’ll want to avoid as part of a low carb or low sugar diet, you’ll find that there is a sugar alternative or artificial sweetener that can easily take its place and deliver the sweet taste you want without impacting your diet. For a complete breakdown of different artificial sweeteners and alternatives to sugar, check out our Guide to Sugar-Free Sweeteners and Flavours. In general, you’ll want to select products that feature popular alternative sweeteners such as aspartame, stevia, or sucralose. Often these will appear on the lables of foods as their trade names, such as Splenda, Truvia. Other alternative sweeteners that are suitable for low carb and low sugar diets are known as sugar alcohols, and go by trade names such as xylitol and malitol.

To find sugar alternatives and artificial sweeteners to use in your own dessert creations, check out our huge selection of sweeteners. We’re sure that you’ll find everything you need to create fantastic sweet treats that taste great and are low sugar or sugar free.

Understanding Different Dessert Types

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their favourite kinds of desserts. Some of us prefer the cold, creamy experience of a nice ice cream. Others may prefer the rich, decadent flavours of caramel and chocolate. There are also crunchy cookie desserts, flaky pastries, and many more. Generally, no matter what kind of dessert might be your favourite, you’ll still want to carefully monitor ingredients and portion sizes to make sure that you don’t get more than you bargained for. A sugar-free pie filling is one thing, but if the crust doesn’t use a low carb flour, then you might end up with more carbs in your dessert than you expected.

As a good rule of thumb, take a moment to think about the main components of a dessert in order to better understand where the carbs might be coming from. In the example above, a pie consists of pretty much just the crust and the filling. Ice cream could contain sugars from milk sources, in the form of lactose, and from other ingredients like fructose from fruit or glucose from syrup toppings.

With that said, we’ve gathered a few great low carb, low sugar, and sugar free dessert recipes that we’re sure you’ll find simply scrumptious. Here’s a couple of different kinds of desserts that you’ve just got to try!

Rich and Decadent Desserts

For a delicious, bite-sized dessert give these Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles a try! This recipe comes from Kim over at, and not only are they sugar free, but they’re also low carb and keto friendly. Create a variety of different truffles by rolling them in several different finishing touches, such as coconut shavings, chopped nuts, or cocoa powder.

If ice cream is more your preference, then this amazing recipe for Keto Chocolate Bacon Toffee Ice Cream from Melissa at is definitely going to be your new favourite! You’d never guess that bacon would go so well in a dessert, but we sure aren’t going to argue with the results. The rich sweetness of the chocolate and toffee go amazingly well with the salty crunch of the bacon. It’s definitely unusual, but incredibly delicious.

Fresh and Light Desserts

For a fresh, light, and fruity dessert experience, this Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse recipe from Jolene at is a great choice for a quick and easy summer dessert. You don’t even need a crust for this recipe, which makes it simple to prepare, and requires no baking. Simply mix it up, refrigerate, and then enjoy!

Frozen desserts are always a great choice, especially on those hot summer days where you’ve gathered family and friends for a fun backyard barbecue. This recipe for Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles from Emily at is so simple, you’ll wonder how it could possibly be so delicious! All you need is strawberries, watermelon, a lime, and your favourite popsicle mold. These are sure to be a hit with your entire family.


We hope that these tips and recipes have inspired you to try something new for dessert the next time you host an event, or simply want to surprise your family with an exciting new sweet treat as part of your weekly meal plan. Choosing healthy and delicious desserts that work with the low carb diet can be easy and fun, and we certainly hope that you enjoy putting these sweet suggestions to good use. Happy eating!