7 Benefits of Ginseng You Never Thought Possible

Want to feel better naturally and boost your energy and immunity without the crash of an energy drink?

These new ginseng powered functional beverages from Farmaroot may be the answer!

Farmaroot uses the natural healing and energizing power of Canadian-white ginseng to boost your levels naturally. Powered by a proprietary full-spectrum ginseng extract Farmaroot completely sets caffeine and sugar aside to provide a powerful balancing tonic that boost your immunity while also reducing stress and naturally helping to maintain your youth. These keto-friendly natural beverages are packed with 500mg of locally grown ginseng, nearly ten times what is used in your standard energy drinks. Try this sustainable energy source today! Buy now.


What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Adaptogens are known to have a great natural power to combat stress in the body. They “adapt” their function according to your body’s needs. For example, depending on the state of your emotional, physical or psychological stress level, they may either have a relaxing or stimulating effect. This promotes a state of equilibrium in which your body can function optimally. In addition, ginseng has several other reparative effects on the body.

Read on to learn how Farmaroot Ginseng energy drinks can help to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, provide sustained energy levels, facilitate weight loss, and even lower blood sugar levels.


7 Key Benefits of Ginseng

  1. Reduce inflammation.

Ginseng extract is high in antioxidants. This helps fight off free radicals (toxic waste particles) in the body. A buildup of free radicals, over time, can cause chronic inflammation and possibly develop into further health concerns including diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and even cancer.

To reduce oxidative stress, it’s recommended to consume foods rich in antioxidants, and limit consumption of processed foods. It’s also recommended to exercise regularly and limit the intake of tobacco and alcohol. The following is a list of vitamins and foods that are also rich in antioxidants:

  • Vitamin C – Citrus fruits, kiwi, mangoes, broccoli, spinach, camu-camu, and more.
  • Vitamin E – Avocados, nuts, seeds, and more.
  • Zinc – Seafood, lean meat, milk, nuts, and more.
  • Anthocyanins – Eggplant, grapes, dark-coloured berries, and more.
  • Beta-carotene – Carrots, pumpkin, mangoes, apricots, spinach, parsley, and more.
  • Flavonoids – Tea, citrus fruits, red wine, onions, apples, and more.
  • Selenium – Seafood, lean meat, brazil nuts, and more.


  1. Improve cognitive function.

Studies have shown that the ginsenoside compounds found in ginseng are responsible for having positive effects on brain function. They are also the same compounds that help fight inflammation. A decline in mental function is one of the most commonly reported effects of aging. This is why it’s important to take care of your brain by providing a daily intake of proper nutrients as well as mental and physical exercise.

Omega-3 rich foods can also have positive effects on brain function. Foods rich in omega-3s include fatty fish, eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds and plant oils. Incorporating these into your diet, as well as, eating healthy, getting regular exercise and keeping your mind active can all promote optimal brain health.


  1. Reduce stress.

Ginseng is able to reduce stress by regulating immune and hormonal responses. When you’re stressed, your body’s hormones and physiology are imbalanced. However, the consumption of ginseng will actually help your body balance to a stable equilibrium. Ginseng helps by supporting your body’s natural system of organs and hormone-producing glands that are responsible for bringing you back to a “normal” state after being stressed – while also avoiding the spikes and crashes of other stress-reducing products.


  1. Strengthen the immune system.

Traditionally, ginseng has been used in Korean culture as an immune stimulant and given to patients recovering from chronic illnesses. Ginseng has shown to have effects on strengthening the immune system in people with existing health conditions by promoting the production of disease-fighting cells.

In the same way that ginseng can prevent you from getting sick, it can also improve your body’s youth by repairing itself. Ginseng keeps your cells young by removing harmful toxins in the body, boosting the immune system and improving energy levels. It also nourishes and hydrates your body and even facilitates cell regeneration.


  1. Provide sustained energy levels.

Consuming ginseng does not lead to energy crashes that you would regularly experience after consuming caffeine or sugar. When you drink coffee, soda or other sugary, caffeinated beverages, it sends your body into an energy burning mode. This produces the “rush” you experience from these substances. Once the body has rapidly burned a lot of energy, it reaches a threshold where it runs out of readily available energy and must begin repairing itself to support balance once again.

Ginseng, on the other hand, keeps the body in a consistent and sustained energy mode while also supporting the body’s self-healing system to make sure it doesn’t drop below the energy threshold. Drinking ginseng extract once daily can help with energy and focus levels. You won’t have to worry about staying caffeinated or loading up on sweets because ginseng provides a boost of energy that actually supports the body – instead of depleting its resources.


  1. Facilitate weight loss.

Another one of ginseng’s superpowers is that it can improve the body’s metabolism, which naturally supports weight loss. Specifically, ginseng helps the body burn carbohydrates in order to prevent storing them as fats. Fat storage occurs when excess carbs are consumed and not burned through exercise or regular metabolic rate. As you find a diet and exercise program that works for you, consuming ginseng can help to facilitate weight loss.

If weight loss is your goal, we recommend replacing your highly caffeinated morning coffee with a Farmaroot ginseng beverage. Since these drinks also contain zero sugar, it can help you feel more energized in the mornings by keeping your blood sugar levels stable. These drinks are naturally sweetened with erythritol, a sugar alcohol found in some fruits and vegetables, unrecognized by the body as a carbohydrate. This gives Farmaroot its pleasing sweet taste with natural fruit flavours of Sunny-Citrus and Pomegranate-Blueberry.


  1. Lower blood sugar.

Like a person with type 2 diabetes, if you need to track your blood sugar levels, then ginseng may be a solution for you. This is because the ginsenosides from ginseng have shown to affect the body’s rate of insulin production and improve insulin resistance. Generally, regulating blood sugar levels also assists with the absence of energy spikes and crashes throughout the day caused by rises and drops in blood sugar levels.

Always speak to a physician first to see if ginseng is the right supplement for you.


What is Farmaroot?

Farmaroot is a Canadian ginseng farm and beverage brand. They grow natural ginseng roots and produce ginseng energy drinks; Empower and Enlight.  Farmaroot is involved in the entire process from root to cup and concentrates on attention to detail at every point in production to ensure that their respected ginseng is available in a delicious and convenient drink that’s always “rooted in good™

Farmaroot is driven by their mission to create healthy and functional beverages with the strongest immune-boosting ginseng in the industry, grown in Ontario, Canada. Their goal is to inspire positive change in the lives and health of people by providing their organic ginseng beverages, and standing for the elimination of sugars, caffeine and other artificial additives.


Featured Products

Farmaroot produces two energy-boosting drinks, Empower and Enlight.

Empower for the active life. Empower is infused with a full daily dose of natural ginseng plus Vitamin B6 and B12 for long-lasting energy support. B vitamins directly impact and improve energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism to promote optimal health. Enjoy the delicious pomegranate-blueberry flavour of Empower before or after workouts to hydrate, replenish and detoxify the body. Empower contains 0 caffeine, 0 sugar, is gluten-free and keto-friendly, and has just 10 calories per can.

Enlight for the daily grind. Each can contains a full 500mg daily dose of ginseng extract for clean energy, detoxifying hydration and improved mental vitality. The taste profile is a deliciously balanced lemon-lime infused sparkling water. Enlight contains 0 caffeine, 0 sugar, is gluten-free and keto-friendly and is just 10 calories per can.


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