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Product Insights: Smart Sweets: Kicking Sugar, Keeping Candy

Smart Sweets:  Kicking Sugar, Keeping Tasty Candy

As a health-conscious mother of 2 school-aged boys, I emphasize a healthy lifestyle and encourage whole foods. My boys, however, want to be “like the other kids” and they request candy in their school lunches. It’s a challenge. So when I discovered Smart Sweets gummy bears, the first gummy bear made with stevia, I was happy that I had found a healthy compromise: recognizable candy with just 2g of sugar per bag, 96% of one’s daily fibre, some protein, and no artificial ingredients. It’s win-win. And they are made here in Canada. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Tara Bosch, the 23-year-old founder of Smart Sweets, and her story is very inspiring.

Erin: Like most kids, my boys want to snack on junky candy. I do my best to educate them on the harmful effects of sugar and chemicals, but at this age, their taste buds prevail. So when I discovered Smart Sweets, I bought an entire case of the Fruity flavour Gummy Bears!

Tara: I get that. Many people don’t realize how sugar impact one’s health. A conversation with my grandmother just a few years ago had a considerable influence on me. I learned that she regretted consuming so much excess sugar over the years, especially from candy. She shared with me how the effects of sugar on her health have impacted her quality of life. It was this conversation, coupled with my personal journey, that sparked my exploration into the shocking reality of sugar and how it’s affecting society in a dramatic way.

Erin: Tell me about it! I educate people when I can, and when they will listen, about the harmful effects of sugar. It really impacts our health more than most people realize.

Tara: That’s right. My firm belief is that when you kick sugar you are investing in your health in a tremendous way.

Erin: I agree. So what was the next step for you?

Tara: Standing by my belief that we should enjoy what we eat, and feel good about eating it, I bought a gummy bear mould from Amazon and started to experiment in my own kitchen, on a quest to create the first candy that kicks sugar.

Erin: That is awesome. And you did it! It happened relatively quickly too – it’s been almost a year and a half since Smart Sweets launched, and the product is currently sold in more than 1,000 retailers across Canada, and online throughout North America. That’s amazing growth!

Tara: Yes, it really is very exciting. Know that I have received invaluable help from various mentors and programs along the way, I couldn’t have done it alone!

Erin: It really is important to ask for help or guidance when we need it. No one needs to go at things alone. And there are amazing people out there who are so willing to help when they are asked.

I have those same gummy bear moulds from Amazon that come with the mini dropper and I make healthy homemade gummies for my kids. Not everyone has the patience to make their own, though, and I am glad that there is now an option that can be purchased, that has real ingredients and nothing artificial.

Tara: And Smart Sweets contain no Sugar Alcohols, GMOs, Peanuts or Tree Nuts, Dairy/Soy/Gluten, or Corn Fibre.

Erin: That is so imperative these days, due to various allergens and sensitivities. Smart Sweets really are a great, guilt-free treat that taste good and that people can feel good about eating. I find that they are surprisingly filling, probably because of the fiber and the protein content. And they have a very satisfying chewy texture.

Tara: Thank you. Smart Sweets is on a mission to kick sugar, keep candy, and create a movement based on smaller, smarter choices. Our vision is to become the global leader in innovating smart confectionary products that kick sugar.

Erin: That is very commendable. So we can look forward to more healthy candy options that we can feel good about eating. I can’t wait. Thank you so much, Tara, for creating Smart Sweets and for taking the time to speak with me today.

Tara: Thank you, enjoy!