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Healthy Living Changes You Can Make Today!

10 Easy Healthy Living Changes You Can Make Today

Most people want to be healthy but are slow to make the big changes they think are necessary. Gym memberships bought on January 1st usually go to waste a few weeks later, and most people cheat their diets by day three. Don’t stress the big stuff when you can focus on easy healthy living changes that can really improve your general wellbeing.

In this article, we will present 10 easy changes that everyone can make to their lives that will help them achieve healthy living. We will cover different aspects of life from sleep to eating to light activity, making sure there is an option for everyone.

Let’s look at 10 easy healthy living changes you can make today!

Read Nutrition Labels

Even a quick glance a food or drink product’s nutrition label can tell you how healthy it is and how you might feel after consuming it. Make sure that the first thing you check is the serving size, then the calories per serving, and finally, review the amount of saturated fats, carbs and sodium. Looking for products that are low in carbs and sugar and high in protein, fiber and vitamins can make a big difference to your health.


Replacing sitting on a bus or in a car by walking even twice a day is a fun change that can help your health. Especially in warm weather, walking can be pure joy and a great way to cross errands off your to-do list. If walking either to or from work isn’t an option, then a 20-minute evening stroll is all you need to add some activity to your day.

Daily Stretches

Take a break from your computer, sit up straight and perform a few simple stretches  that will make your muscles limber and do your body a world of good. A series of stretches can be done in under five minutes, and is perfect to combat the effects of sitting at a computer all day. Don’t be shy about doing it at your desk. You might be surprised to find your colleagues wanting to join in.

Black Coffee and Whole Wheat Toast

Coffee has several health benefits so try to keep it as part of your diet. By eliminating fats like milk or cream and not adding any sugar, you can remove the calories while still enjoying the caffeine and flavour. Another easy change is to switch from white bread to whole wheat. Whole wheat bread is higher in fiber and aids in digestion.

Establish a Sleep Routine

While essential, sleep is an often overlooked part of healthy living. Easy changes can help get your sleep routine in order, and get you on the road to starting each day feeling refreshed and strong. A proper sleep routine means trying to go to bed at the same time, given yourself enough hours of sleep, minimal distractions as you sleep, and adding elements like soft music or a sleep mask if you need that extra bit of help. Just as important to establishing a sleep schedule is to make sure you stick to it.

 Drink More Water

The easiest healthy living change you can make is to drink more water. Now, you might not have to drink the eight glasses that some recommend, but you can never have enough. Water is an essential nutrient that your body needs, and you can avoid dehydration by drinking more than your body outputs. Water helps maintain the proper balance of your bodily fluids. Drinking water is even a weight loss strategy as it helps control calories. You’ll enjoy how much more energy you have just from drinking more water.

Just think what that extra glass or two of water can do for your overall health.

Portion Control

Eating smaller portions of your favourite food can be beneficial to your health. Portion control allows for better digestion and you’re less likely to feel bloated and experience cramps and stomach pains. By making this a habit, you will train your stomach to fill faster and you’ll have no problem passing on seconds.

No one said you can’t eat delicious food. Portion control is about eating the proper amount of food. Doing so will help you maintain your weight, or you can even lose weight by consuming less calories.

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like to indulge in an afternoon sugar rush. Instead of scarfing down a cookie, try some dark chocolate or a small fruit salad. This will help you avoid those dreaded sugar crashes and some raspberries instead of a slice of cake is just as satisfying without any of the guilt.

Start your day off right by replacing sugary cereals in the morning with yogurt topped with honey and granola. It’s delicious, healthy, filling, and will satisfy your craving while helping you avoid feel sleepy before lunch time.

Stay Home and Cook

Home cooking is directly linked to a healthy lifestyle and can save you a ton of money. Buy fresh produce and try out fun recipes until you find your signature dish. This will allow you to control the calories and make healthy adjustments.

Here are some tasty ingredients to help you make some delicious traditional Italian dishes that you’ll love.

Gardening as an Activity

Not everyone is a gym person but you need to find a way to fit a workout into your weekly routine. Instead of hitting the elliptical machine, try taking up gardening. The digging and tearing out weeds is a great workout while you get some fresh air. Best of all, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If gardening isn’t your thing, examine your hobbies and interests to find one that is active and that you can do more often.


You don’t have to turn your life upside down to be healthier and feel better! Make easy healthy living changes and you’ll see some big improvements. We hope these tips are useful and that you give a few of them a try. You’ll be surprised by how rewarding they are and the ease in which you can make them part of your everyday life.