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Jordan's Skinny Syrups

Can you really have all the rich, decadent flavours of authentic mixed drinks without any sugars or carbs? You bet! Thanks to Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, a world of vibrant flavours awaits you without any sugars, carbs, or calories. Find out what makes Jordan’s Skinny Mixes different, and learn fantastic low carb recipes to experience them for yourself.

There’s a lot of sugar on the shelves of grocery stores and liquor stores, that’s for sure. Amidst this sea of sugary drinks, it can be frustrating to find alternatives that have the authentic, delicious flavours that you want with ingredients that are much better for your health. Sometimes you’ll find a drink mix that checks all the right boxes for nutrition, but falls flat in the flavour department. Fortunately, there’s hope for coffee connoisseurs and cocktail crafters who want to make great-tasting drinks without sugar or carbs. Simply reach for a bottle of Jordan’s Skinny Mixers, and you’re good to go!

The Story of Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

The origin of Jordan’s Skinny Mixes takes place back in the late 2000’s, where founder Jordan Englehardt combined a career tipping point with her passion for healthier, great-tasting cocktails. Starting from scratch, Jordan crafted her first prototype recipe for the ultimate skinny margarita, and went to work promoting it to retailers and restaurants. This eventually led to a feature at a major national home goods retailer, and the demand for Jordan’s Skinny Mixes exploded across North America.

Since then, the product range has expanded to include more variety in flavours and new product types. Jordan’s Skinny Mixes now offers many types of cocktail mixers, flavoured syrups, coffee flavours, and pre-mixed beverages, all made to keep the sugars out and fantastic flavour in. So, what’s their secret to making such tasty low carb mixers and syrups? Let’s find out!

What Makes Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Different?

We are huge fans of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups because they leave out sugar entirely, while bringing rich, bold, and authentic flavours to create delicious beverages. The natural sweetness in each sip is provided by sucralose, a popular sugar alternative that is ideal for the low carb lifestyle. In addition to having zero carbs, zero calories, and zero sugars, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups are also kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, and friendly for diabetic and keto diets.

Explore the Wide Range of Flavours of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Here at The Low Carb Grocery, we carry an extensive range of syrups that can be used to create many types of beverages, including hot and cold coffee creations, as well as in desserts and other sweet treats. Here’s a sample of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups that you can find online and on our store shelves:

As you can see, the flavours are certainly quite intriguing! There are plenty of ways to alter your morning coffee and give it a little something ‘extra’ as you get caffeinated for the day. We are particularly fond of the salted caramel, butter toffee, and Irish cream flavours when added to a hot cup of coffee. If you prefer an iced coffee beverage instead of something hot, we suggest the mocha, white chocolate, or cinnamon dolce syrups. It’s a fast, easy, and healthy way to replicate your favourite coffee shop indulgences any time you want, with no guilt and a much more affordable price!

Adding a shot of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups to coffee is one way to enjoy them, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to get more creative, we’ve uncovered a selection of fantastic recipes right from the source! These recipes found on Jordan’s Skinny Mixes website are simple to make, and really let the flavours of the syrups shine through in the best possible way. Give them a try today!

Delicious Drink & Dessert Recipes Featuring Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Jordan's Skinny Syrup Recipes

Skinny Vanilla Bean Cappuccino

Let’s start out easy with this sugar-free take on a classic vanilla cappuccino. The deep, rich flavour of freshly brewed espresso complements the delicate aroma of vanilla nicely, while the foamed milk adds a smooth and mellow element to the mix. Three simple ingredients, five minutes to make it, and as much time as you want to sip on it and enjoy. That’s all there is to it!

Salted Caramel Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is rapidly becoming a favourite of ours as an alternative to hot coffee on those warm summer days. It’s a common misunderstanding to think that iced coffee and cold brew coffee are the same thing, but in actuality they are different in how they are prepared. Iced coffee starts as hot brewed coffee which is then cooled and ice added to it. Cold brew is prepared cold from the start, and steeped in a similar fashion to tea. This recipe adds a nice boost of caramel flavour and smooth foam to your cold brew for an elevated coffee experience.

Skinny Butter Toffee Martini

Talk about a next-level cocktail! Martinis are super-trendy right now, and this is one you’ll definitely want to tell your friends about. Easy to make with just a few simple ingredients, the smooth, rich flavour of buttery toffee shines through in this elegant cocktail. This drink is perfect for sharing a toast with friends during a holiday party or indulging in something a little different on a chilly New Year’s Eve.

Skinny Caramel Pecan Latte

The popularity of pecans has really shot up over the last few years with all kinds of exciting drinks and desserts using the unique flavour profile of these delicious nuts. For a latte unlike any other, add a shot of sugar-free caramel pecan syrup and a dollop of sugar-free whipped topping. Float some chopped pecans on the top to complete the presentation, and enjoy!

Kiss Me I’m Irish Cream Iced Coffee

How can you not be in love with the taste of Irish cream coffee? It’s the perfect balance of bold, smooth, and rich. This recipe flips the script on traditional Irish coffee by serving it up iced, and leaves out the liquor so you can enjoy it completely guilt-free any time you want. The fact that it’s also sugar-free thanks to Jordan’s Skinny Mixes is a bonus!

Keto Maple Bourbon Pecan Spice Cake

Rounding out the last entry on our list is this delectable dessert that will have you craving another piece! Everything about this keto-friendly cake works to highlight the wonderful flavour combination of maple syrup, rich bourbon, and nutty pecans, along with a complex spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cloves. If you’re looking for a new low carb dessert to make that will leave your guests speechless, this recipe will absolutely do the job!

Discover Unique Flavour Experiences with Jordan’s Skinny Mixes & Syrups

This is just a small sample of the incredible drinks and desserts you can craft with Jordan’s Skinny Mixes and Skinny Syrups. Whether it’s something as simple as adding a shot of your favourite flavour to your morning coffee, or creating a totally new twist on a classic dessert with sugar-free syrups, you can count on the fact that Jordan’s Skinny Mixes and Syrups will keep the carbs low and the flavours lively.

Shop our selection of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups right here at The Low Carb Grocery!


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