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Fact Checked Approved on July 20, 2023
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Healthy Sugar-free Sweet Treats

Living according to the ketogenic diet requires learning more about nutrition and how our bodies work to digest different foods. This isn’t really all that difficult, and there are many brands out there that make it easier today than it’s ever been! The Ketonut is a brand of delicious and nutritious snacks specifically created for the keto lifestyle.

One of the most critical success factors for the keto diet is being diligent about amounts of carbohydrates you ingest from day to day. These carbs come in many forms such as sugars and starches, and can be found in a vast array of foods and drinks. However, these days there are healthy alternatives to virtually any kind of food that you can think of that are lower in carbs and can work very well as part of a ketogenic diet.

In the world of low carb snack foods, you’ll discover an incredible variety of healthy options that are just as tasty, if not more, than any mainstream product on the market. It’s not just about low carbs, however. In order to support the ketogenic diet, there also needs to be a big emphasis on protein and fat as well. Why is this? Well, the answer lies in understanding how the ketogenic diet works, and the effects that it has on the body. Let’s take a moment and do a quick review of what ‘keto’ really means.

What Exactly is ‘Ketosis’?

The body can use many different things for fuel, and one of the most common ways that most people create energy in their bodies is to burn glucose, which is a sugar obtained from breaking down carbohydrates. Glucose from carbohydrates is an ‘easy fuel’ for the body, as it is digested quickly, absorbed quickly, and burned quickly to create a fast boost of energy. Unfortunately, this fast-burning process also means that the energy boost doesn’t last long, and when it runs out the body looks for more energy somewhere else. This can result in frequent recurring hunger, and a sudden loss of energy that people sometimes colloquially refer to as a ‘crash’.

The body can also burn protein and fat for energy instead of glucose from carbohydrates. Protein and fat are absorbed more slowly into the body during digestion, but they also burn for a longer period of time when used as fuel. The problem is that the body really likes to use carbs first whenever possible, since it provides the fastest and easiest energy boost. It then saves any excess carbs along with the other slower-burning fuels for later, storing them in the form of body fat.

So, how do you get the body to switch to using fat instead of glucose for energy? Simple. By reducing the amount of carbs available to create glucose in the body to a point where it simply must use stored fat as fuel instead. Once the body switches modes to use fat as fuel instead of glucose, the liver then kicks into action and begins breaking down stored body fat into molecules called ‘ketones’. These ketone molecules can be burned for energy much in the same way that glucose was, powering all your body’s processes and functions. This state of using ketones for fuel instead of glucose is known as ‘ketosis’, and this is where the ketogenic diet gets its name.

Adopting the ketogenic diet requires a very regimented approach to food, nutrition, and lifestyle in order to ensure that your body enters ketosis properly, and that you are maintaining your health properly during the initial stages of the process. Once a balance has been reached, the positive effects of ketosis can be quite profound. In addition to weight control and weight loss, many people who follow the keto diet report higher levels of energy, improved mood and motivation, sharper focus, and many other related health benefits.

For more information on the keto diet and what the process of adopting it looks like, we recommend you check out this article that explains how the keto diet works in greater detail.

How Did The Ketonut Get Started?

The health benefits of the ketogenic diet are no secret to the team over at The Ketonut. From personal experience, founder Katie learned that following a keto diet can have a dramatic effect on the balance and general health of the human body. It was this personal experience that led Katie to create her very own keto food company and promote a healthier approach to snacking to the world. Since its inception, The Ketonut has gained quite a following with delicious snacks and treats that are crafted with care and quality to ensure the best possible fit with the low carb and keto lifestyle.

We are proud to carry a brand like The Ketonut that is so committed to producing great-tasting health food snacks with impeccable quality. Now, we’re going to highlight the fantastic selection of snack foods from The Ketonut that you’ll find right here at The Low Carb Grocery!

Ketonut sweet and salty snacks

Sweet and Chocolatey Low Carb Treats

When you bite into one of The Ketonut’s sugar-free chocolate treats, you’ll immediately be impressed at the decadent flavour and rich chocolate experience. Also known as ‘fat bombs’, these bite-sized chocolates are made with natural erythritol sweetener in place of regular sugar to keep the carb counts really low, and are enriched with healthy fats to help you maintain ketosis. You can snack totally free of guilt when you choose The Ketonut chocolate fat bombs! Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours.

Ketonut salty snacks

Salty and Crunchy Keto-Friendly Snacks

Did you know that pork rinds are one of the best kinds of salty, crunchy snacks for the low carb and keto diet? When you think about how they’re made, it’s easy to understand why. From just a few simple ingredients, you get a crispy, crunchy, high-protein snack that can be seasoned like regular potato chips to create an appealing variety of flavours to choose from. Thinly-sliced pork skins are first boiled, and then deep-fried to puff them up and give them the crispy texture we all know and love. The Ketonut Collared Pig pork rinds are the perfect low carb salty snack treat with 12g of protein per serving and plenty of great taste! Check out all the different flavours available here at The Low Carb Grocery.

Get Cooking with Low Carb Recipes Featuring Pork Rinds

Here’s something you may not know! Pork rinds can be used in all kinds of delicious keto-friendly and low carb recipes. Pork rinds are the perfect low-carb high-protein substitute for things like bread crumbs that are often used as binders in ground meat recipes like meatballs, or as a crispy coating on things like fried chicken. Need proof? Sure! We’ve found a few fantastic low carb recipes that feature pork rinds as a key ingredient, and let’s just say that you’ll definitely be impressed!

Keto Pork Rind Crusted Schnitzel We’re huge fans of schnitzel! Tender meat, fried to perfection, and seasoned for maximum flavour. This recipe cuts the carbs out of the equation by using crushed pork rinds for the crust instead of regular breading. This creates a perfectly crispy coating that boosts the flavour of the dish and infuses it with added protein. You won’t want to make schnitzel any other way after this!

Low Carb No-Fail Meatloaf – Forget about dry, bland meatloaf recipes you may have tried in the past, because this recipe is going to completely change things! This recipe bakes up perfectly moist and delicious, every time. Pork rinds are used in place of regular bread crumbs to bind the meatloaf together, add extra flavour, and keep everything keto-friendly. It’s so easy, you’ll want to add this to your weekly low carb meal plan again and again!

Easy Homemade Guacamole with Pork Rind Dippers – Ok, this last one is a bit simple, but have you ever considered using pork rinds as dippers instead of chips or crackers? You should! They’re the perfect scoop-shape for grabbing a healthy amount of dip, have a fantastic crunch when you bite into them, and are way more nutritious than most other types of dippers. This easy homemade guacamole checks off all the right boxes and is so delicious you’ll see the bottom of the bowl way faster than you’d expect!

Enjoy the Great Taste of The Ketonut Snacks & Sweets

Add some new flavour experiences to your low carb lifestyle with the wide range of salty snacks and chocolatey treats from The Ketonut, and stay on track with your healthy living goals! Just don’t be surprised if your bag of chocolate fat bombs or crispy pork rinds start to get raided by everyone else in the family. They’re just that good! Shop the entire range of low carb & keto-friendly products from The Ketonut online here at The Low Carb Grocery!


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