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Discover how to stay on track of your diet when planning weekly meals and how to make low carb dishes that the whole family will love!

Getting your family to eat healthy can be tough. Between work and home life, making healthy meal choices not only for yourself but also for your family members can seem like a lot of extra work. But eating healthy does not have to be difficult. It will take a little bit of thought and planning ahead, but you can easily create a healthy meal schedule that works for you and your family. You can always make low carb modifications to familiar recipes for yourself by substituting the carbs for some of our low carb bread, pasta, rice and other alternatives.

It is important to understand that children have different dietary requirements from adults, so speak with a health care provider before cutting carbs from your family’s diet. That said, meals that are focused around a variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy sources of proteins and fats can still be a great addition to your weekly meal plan. Most Western diets involve an imbalance of macronutrients, placing more emphasis on carbohydrates than protein and fibre. Health professionals often recommend that half of your plate should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, one quarter protein and one quarter carbs (if you are not following a diet that specifies otherwise). This balance is important to keep in mind for growing children and maintaining optimal health later in life.

To help you out with planning family meals, we have put together some low carb meal ideas that children, teenagers and adults will love. There is a variety of flavours and ingredients to choose from, so you can please even the pickiest of eaters.

Low Carb Breakfasts

HoldTheCarbs Baking Mixes

If your family enjoys pancake or waffle breakfasts on the weekends, try switching out your usual high-carb pancake mixes for HoldTheCarbs Pancake Mixes – easy to prepare, low in carbs and deliciously satisfying! These high protein, high fibre pancake mixes are made with almonds, organic coconut and whey protein, providing approximately 4g of protein and 2g of fibre per pancake! Plus, they are sweetened with Stevia, meaning that they won’t cause crazy sugar rushes early on a Sunday morning. Also check out these sugar-free syrups, such as ANS Performance – Keto Friendly Maple Syrup for a delicious, guilt-free topping!

Low Carb Granolas

Granola is a healthier alternative to high carb, high sugar, processed cereals that we so often find ourselves buying to make mornings a little easier. But these cereals are poor sources of nutrition and energy to fuel your family’s day. Granola containing raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit and other sources of fibre are a better way to support your family’s health. There are a number of tasty low carb, high protein and high fibre cereals and granolas available at The Low Carb Grocery that taste great with dairy or plant milk, over yogurt or eaten as trail mix. Check out some of our favourites below:

Low Carb Protein Bars

On busy mornings, protein bars can be a real time saver. You can also make a large batch of your own bars for the entire week to make mornings even more of a breeze. Protein bars are a great snack to pack in your kids’ lunches or when you’re on the go, too. Check out these recipes below for low carb and keto-friendly protein bars:

Most protein bars have a base of protein or collagen powder, almond flour, raw nuts, seeds or nut butter, and low carb and sugar-free flavourings such as cocoa powder or sugar-free chocolate chips. The Low Carb Grocery carries all of these items and more! Check out our low carb baking ingredients and get inspired to come up with your own recipes for healthy protein bars that your family will enjoy.

Low Carb Lunches

Low Carb Sandwiches & Wraps

Sandwiches are easy to put together and the result is always a crowd-pleaser! Browse through The Low Carb Grocery’s selection of low carb bread, buns and wraps for low carb modifications to your family’s favourite sandwiches.

Here are some recipes we found online to give you some inspiration, too:

Low Carb Pizza

Pizza is a fun and simple meal to make for kids (plus, it can be quite enjoyable for adults, too!). The Low Carb Grocery offers low carb pizza crusts that can help you minimize carbs and serve your family a healthier alternative to this indulgent favourite. HoldTheCarbs also carries a line of low carb, high protein pizza crust mixes which are simple to prepare! Just add water and eggs and bake the crust for 20 minutes. This can be a fun family activity on weekends and get your children involved with making healthy meal choices.

Low Carb Salads

Great-tasting salads are the perfect way to get your family to eat their daily servings of veggies. Ditch boring garden salads and try out some of these low carb salad recipes, using low carb vegetables that are still high in fibre and nutrients! You can also serve these salads as side dishes with dinner or keep leftovers in the fridge to have as a healthy snack later in the week.

You can also check out The Low Carb Grocery’s selection of zero calorie, low calorie and low carb salad dressings to add new flavours to your go-to salad recipes.

Low Carb Dinners

Rice-Based Dishes

Rice is a staple ingredient for many dishes, such as stir fries, curries, pilafs, burritos and vegetarian bowls – but it is notoriously high in carbs. Luckily, it is easy to swap out with low carb and high fibre alternatives.

Hearts of palm rice is made from the inner core of certain palm trees. It has a mildly sweet and nutty flavour with a slightly crunchy texture. Some people find it to be similar to artichoke hearts in taste. Hearts of Palm rice is a good choice if you enjoy a slightly sweeter and more vegetable-like flavour in your rice substitute. Available in white and brown styles.

Konjac rice is made from the konjac plant, specifically from the root of the plant. It has a very neutral taste, often described as bland or tasteless. This neutral flavour makes it a versatile option that can absorb the flavours of sauces, spices, or seasonings used in your dish. If you prefer a rice substitute that doesn’t have its own distinctive flavour and serves as a blank canvas for other flavours, konjac rice is an excellent choice.

Ciao Carb Protopasta Rice is another low-carb rice substitute that is worth considering in the context of taste. This rice alternative is primarily made from a blend of soy and wheat proteins and is specifically designed to be low in carbohydrates. Ciao Carb Protopasta Rice tends to have a more neutral or mild flavour compared to traditional rice. It doesn’t have the inherent sweetness of hearts of palm rice, and it’s not as neutral or bland as konjac rice. The mild flavour of Ciao Carb Protopasta Rice allows it to pair well with a variety of dishes and sauces. It’s versatile and can absorb the flavours of the ingredients and seasonings used in your recipes.

Low Carb Pasta Dishes

Pasta is a quick and easy weeknight dinner, too, plus it is easy to load up with vegetables, meat and cheese for an all-around healthy and tasty meal! The Low Carb Grocery carries a number of low carb, high protein and high fibre pasta alternatives that you can your family can enjoy. You can also make your own low carb noodles by spiralizing zucchini into long spaghetti-like pieces. Spaghetti squash is another great substitute, and despite the fact that it is a root vegetable it is surprisingly low in carbs! Check out these recipes using vegetables as substitutes for pasta noodles:

Also check out these recipes for Keto Marinara Sauce and Keto Alfredo Sauce which can save you money and be healthier alternatives to store-bought brands that often contain added sugars, anyways.

Other Great Low Carb Recipes

Finally, try out some of these recipes that can be made for lunch or dinner and are sure to be a hit with your family:

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