korean recipes low carb & keto friendly

Low Carb & Keto Friendly Korean Recipes

Discover the World of Korean Cuisine with a Collection of Healthy Low Carb Korean Recipes

Full of distinctive flavours, vibrant colours, and intriguing ingredients, Korean cooking fits perfectly with the low carb lifestyle. You’ll probably recognize some of the most popular dishes by their unique names, such as bibimbap and kimchi, but you may not have ever attempted to make them yourself at home. Today, we’re going to change that!

Cooking Korean recipes is actually a lot easier than many people think. Although they look very elaborate, many Korean dishes use common ingredients that are easy to find at the local grocery store, and their preparation can be very simple.

With that in mind, we’re going to break down some of the basic elements of Korean cooking, including common ingredients, spices, and preparation techniques. Then we’ll get right into our list of amazing low carb & keto friendly Korean recipes.

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Basics of Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine is well known for bold barbecue dishes and the unmistakable flavour of pickled cabbage, but that’s hardly where things stop. Korean recipes feature a wide variety of vegetables and plenty of seafood, which is not unexpected from a country surrounded on three sides by water.

Many of the dishes found on a traditional Korean menu are influenced by the foods of the nearby cultures in China and Japan, but they are by no means carbon copies. Korean cooking culture evolved its own unique style and methods, producing distinctive dishes that are unlike anything else in the world.

Some popular Korean ingredients that you’ll find in many dishes include vegetables grown in the region such as cabbage, peppers, radishes, bean sprouts, eggplant, and onions. Pork belly is one of the most popular meats used in Korean cooking, with many other dishes using beef, chicken, and seafood of all types. Tofu and noodles are also popular, and essential ingredients of many Korean recipes.

For seasonings, you’ll find plenty of peppers and spices in Korean cooking, giving many signature dishes a well-known shot of flavourful heat. Sesame seeds and sesame oils are very common, as is soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, and seasoned seaweed.

Perhaps the most well-known of Korean foods, and a core component of many recipes, is kimchi. This is a type of fermented vegetable, most commonly cabbage, but variants can also include other vegetables like cucumbers, onions, garlic, and radishes. Kimchi is renowned for its health benefits, including being high in fiber and many essential vitamins and nutrients, and has been said to aid in digestive health.

Amazing Low Carb Korean Recipes

Now, let’s get on to the list of delicious low carb Korean recipes that are sure to freshen up your weekly meal plan!

15 Minute Low Carb Korean Beef Bowl

Anything this good that can be ready in only 15 minutes is a huge win, right? You’ll love the simplicity of this recipe for a scrumptious bowl of Korean seasoned beef on top of cauliflower rice. It’s perfect for low carb diets, and is keto-friendly, too. You can easily dial the spice up or down to suit your tastes, but one thing is for sure, once you dig in to this meal your bowl will be empty in no time!

Keto Korean Fried Chicken

You just can’t beat the taste of fried chicken, and when you combine it with a sweet and spicy Korean sauce, it gets even better. This recipe may seem like a big indulgence, but a quick scan through the ingredient list should assure you that it definitely is healthier than you’d expect. Using almond flour for the breading, and a robust palette of spices and seasonings, you’ll have a plate of delectable hot & spicy low carb fried chicken that is a great addition to any family meal plan.

Low Carb & Paleo Korean Bibimbap

This classic Korean dish is loaded with vegetables and protein, and makes some clever substitutions to make it ideal for low carb and even paleo diets. Instead of the traditional rice, this version of bibimbap uses finely spiraled and diced daikon radish to cut out carbs and add an extra boost of nutrition. Ready in just 30 minutes, this colourful dish is very hearty and rich in savoury flavours. If you’ve never had bibimbap before because of the rice, this recipe is a great way to try it in a way that matches up with your low carb lifestyle. It’s fantastic!

Keto Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi is another classic Korean dish that is famous around the world. This delicious meal starts with thinly sliced marinated skirt steak, fried to perfection, tossed with coconut flour, and finally sautéed for a rich glazed finish. Add a side of your favourite vegetables or place the steak on top of a bed of cauliflower rice for an easy Korean dinner that your whole family will absolutely devour.

Low Carb Korean Kimchi Salad

Of course, we had to end this list with a dish featuring kimchi! It’s one of those kinds of powerful flavours that is absolutely distinguishable, and this recipe builds on that with all the taste but skips the time-consuming fermentation process of traditional kimchi. This is a light and fresh salad that’s just as good on its own as it is as a side dish or even as a burger topping. Once you give this a try, you’ll be tempted to experiment even more with it. Go ahead, and get creative!

Experience Korean Cooking, the Low Carb Way

When you schedule your next weekly set of low carb meals, we’d encourage you to try a few of these recipes to spice up your routine and experience some exciting new tastes. Korean cuisine is a great fit for the low carb lifestyle, and we’re sure that once you serve up these meals, you’ll absolutely agree!

As they say in Korean before a wonderful meal, 잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida!).

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